Five Things That Law Students Need to Know

Before jumping into law school, here are a few things that you need to know:


  1. Plenty of readings.  Law students can often be found inside the library and for good reason. They are swamped with books and articles that they need to read daily to prepare them for life outside law school. They need to know the ins and outs of law and understand how they can apply these theories to their future clients.
  2. Things will eventually make sense. All of the theories will be difficult to process during your first few years in law school but trust as you move up the academic ranks, you’ll be able to process everything. All those alien terms will make perfect sense in no time, you just need to trust the process.
  3. You do not need to join the rat race. Sure, being part of a prestigious law firm is definitely a plus, but you should pressure yourself. Take it one step at a time. Send out applications, give your best during interviews, and before you know it you’ll be landing that dream job.
  4. Always give your best. Be it a surprise recitation, a long exam, a written essay, you should always give your 100%.
  5. Think twice before giving legal advice. When your friends find out you’re in law school they will immediately ask for your legal advice. It’s flattering at first but at some point you will have to think twice before telling them what to do. One, because you’re not yet in the position to give legal advice and two, they will get used to just getting legal advice for free.

All things considered, law school is actually fun! It’s challenging, but definitely worth the long and crazy ride.

The Importance of Contracts

The world of business is loaded with agreements between companies and individuals. While oral agreements are honored, businesses still make use of formal written contracts when entering into agreements with other parties. Contracts are acknowledged by the court and enable companies to safeguard their reputation and resources.


Negotiation processes are indicated in business contracts. These include terms that both parties must follow, and penalties for violations. The length of a negotiation process may take days, months, or weeks, depending on what was agreed upon by both parties. These business contracts allow companies to make sure that services are rendered and that other companies lose access to their resources.



Laws for People in the Creative Department

Are you an artist or a crafter? If your answer to that question is yes, then this article is for you. Most artists and crafters make the mistake of posting their works online without any form of protection which is why they don’t have documents that back them up whenever people steal or copy their artworks.

pinterest-home-decor-craftsA little knowledge on trademarks and copyrights can give you protection from any form of infringement. Moreover, you can be assured that any type of craft or art that you make is protected by a copyright law. As a matter of fact, these copyright laws protect works that are of original authorship such as songs, poetry, movies, novels, sculpture, paintings,music, and drawings. Copyright protects the artistic elements that are in these artworks. However, one must also understand that the functionality of these works are not covered by the copyright law. For example, if you made a table, the copyright law will only protect the design and artistic elements, not the actual table.

While artworks are automatically covered by copyright law, it’s still important to register them so you have the right to sue for court costs, statutory damages, and attorneys fees. A copyright can’t be assigned unless the item is registered in the United States Copyright Office.

To register your artwork, all you have to do is fill out a form and submit it to the US Copyright Office. When you’re done, you need to pay an application fee of $35 and you’re good to go.