6 Things You Need To Know About Real Estate Closing

Negotiating for a property is vital as it’s when a seller and a buyer come into terms. Sellers would more like seek for the highest price that they could get and buyers would definitely want to get the best deal. Ultimately, both sides will want to close the deal but sometimes there are some cases when everything just ends up in chaos.

For a first-time buyer or seller, you might find it to be a complicated mess especially if you don’t have much knowledge about you’re going to face. Generally, negotiations start when a seller receiver a written offer. After that, communication between the buyer and seller would initiate to go through with whatever is going to be negotiated.

To keep your cool and go through with this process smoothly, here are some things that you need to know about real estate negotiations:


One most important thing that buyers and sellers would negotiate about the best price that they could agree on. Well, based on the prices that both parties would be going for, they usually meet halfway.

Sellers need to make sure that they get the price that they need for their finances. Buyers need to get the right price for a good resale someday.

Closing Costs

There are a lot of costs involved during a title insurance closing. Buyers tend to be concerned with the costs for their mortgage, taxes and insurance. Sometimes they would split it accordingly. If a buyer asks to make a concession, the seller would more likely ask for a higher price.

Closing Date

Sellers would most likely love to close the home speedily but closing dates can directly affect the buyer’s monthly finances. Most buyers would want to have a closing at the beginning of a month to skip the next month’s payment.

Furniture and Appliances

All furniture might be up for grabs if the buyer negotiates to buy the house along with it. A seller can still exclude some items which needs to be stated before the finalization of the contract.

Appliances such as the dishwasher, stove and other built-in appliances might be included with the property.

Home Repairs

Buyers can negotiate if the home needs several improvements especially when it comes to appliances, asbestos ceilings and many other defects. A buyer can also ask for a lower price because of the expenses needed to update the house according to current standards.

Sellers though can still remain firm about their decision and sell the house without any repairs or renovations involved.

Home Inspection

Buyers would definitely opt for an inspection to make sure that the house that they’re buying is the real deal. They can try to shorten the ¬†amount of time needed for an inspection if they really want to go through with it.

Home Warranty

A seller can offer a home warranty or a buyer can ask for one. This is a protection plan which covers systems and appliances such as the air-conditioning if ever they need to be repaired.